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HP4S Horticulture Grow Lights from American LED Company

Industry Leading High Powered Solid State Sun Spectrum Lighting for Every Application

Imagine...nighttime turning into day. In greenhouses. In stadiums. In the sky. It’s not a light… It’s the actual scientific makeup of the sun!

HP4S technology produces light at 3200 Kelvin, that’s roughly the same as daylight. This could help your eyes perceive more contrast. They experience less strain. And it’s the perfect plant spectrum for maximum growing. It’s the HP4S from American LED Company turning night into day!


How does it help the plants?

Plants have a very complex and fragile structure. Plants have very sensitive receptors that absorb and use certain wavelengths of light to complete their cycle. The HP4S utilizes patented technology from LED’s manufactured by Alta LED to ensure proper wavelengths of light that your plants will notice and thrive from. Alta LED die technology has the tightest binning forward voltage in the world. All dies are binned within 0.1 of a volt variance. Alta die characteristics though patented manufacturing process is consistent and uniform producing no color shift or spectrum variances.


What can I expect from the light?

American LED Company understands the importance of performance and the effect a light fixture can have on a plants. The HP4S is designed and paired with the proper components to bring our customers a product ensuring maximum plant growth while maintaining spectrum and intensity. The Alta LED die characteristics are different than the other 7 die making companies in the world. This is a result of their extensive manufacturing process that helps the HP4S produce better performance.


How long does it last?

The biggest concern with LED lighting is while they proclaim to be less heat and have better thermal properties than traditional lighting, they still are their own worst enemy when it comes to heat production. American LED Company found that while your typical LEDs would start out with desired spectrum and intensity, over a short time this would diminish and therefore interrupting plant growth and drastically reducing harvest and plant production. The HP4S using the Alta die IP confirms that this technology is 20% better than any other competitor while having 20% less heat output and producing 20% more light output per watt. This is a light fixture built to last! With a more efficient light engine and without the excess heat production, the HP4S enables you to produce the proper fixture, giving your plants the light they need to thrive for years to come.

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